Umoja orphanages Uganda

Give vulnerable children a chance to grow in fear of God, God will provide resources

UMOJA Orphanages Flyer

1. Umoja overview

Moving together and free women and children from abuse and God will provide.

2. Background

UMOJA is an abbreviation of united move on joint action.
Umoja orphanages Uganda started as a prayer group last eight years in Kyema, parish in Uganda.
A few born again Christians felt need to support fellow Christians especially children after the death all of their parents. For two years Christians organized money, food and old clothes and visited needy homes, pray with them and provided a few items Umoja was registered as NGO with central government last five years. Community members joined and have continually supported through individual donations and fundraisings. In 2006, Umoja, through chief magistrate signed a partnership agreement with Progressive leadership with equal shares. Umoja has managed assist six needy children in vocational training and secondary education.30 children are being assisted at progressive primary school. Be Mike works in Hoima, and moves a lot in four districts of Kibale, Today Umoja has expanded its operations in all three districts of Hoima and Buliisa. Kibale and Masindi is Umoja headquarters, with a branch office in Hoima to co-ordinate Umoja activities.

3. Vision

Child care and empowerment of women free from neglect and abuse.

4. Mission/Goal

Provision of holistic child care, Empowering women, households, through self-help groups approach, education, community health water and sanitation and environment management.

5. Objective

  • To empower 25,000 women and children in 5 years
  • To provide psychosocial support to 20000 women and children suffering from HIV/Aids in 3 years
  • To empower women and children to form 200 self-help groups in 5 years.
  • To construct a community health centre for counselling and family planning. Child care
  • HIV/Aids prevention and treatment in 3 years.

6. Valves

  • Team work, Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability. Peace, love, Unity, and Respect to human life.
  • Since last five years registration as an NGO Umoja has moved from Slowly in two stages as a prayer group, to child holistic care, and community empowerment and registered visible milestones as follows.
  • Ms Robyn from Redeemer college spent 3 months with Umoja as a volunteer
  • Through Robyn, Christians from her church donated 2500 dollars to Umoja programs
  • 80 yards of land was bought to build a Umoja centre and clinic.
  • 4 children benefited got school fees to vocational trainings in various schools,
  • 6 got school fees to continued their secondary education in both Hoima and Masindi
  • 30 pupils were supported with school uniform at progressive primary school
  • 80 needy pupils got sweaters and boots a donation Jessica’s family from Canada
  • 8 self-help women groups were empowered in Masindi and 46 in Hoima
  • 15 disabled children were supported with sweaters and pens
  • 210 children were supported with books and pens at progressive primary school
  • 100 children were supported with boots and shoes a donation from Feed the children
  • 10 disabled children received wheel chairs from lottery club Kampala through Mr Andrew Ntegeka (President)
  • 60 families were supported with dry food from Feed the children Uganda
  • 100 women groups got improved tomatoes seeds a donation from feed the children Uganda.
  • Above in picture are Haibale self-help women group in strengthening microfinance, business training at Haibale church.
  • Under the support of Jessica’s a health unit four roomed block was built to foundation
  • Feed the children provided 2000 text books to Umoja community centre Library, and food items
  • 20 desks and forms and One VIP latrine was provided at Progressive primary school.
  • hosted Hon. Kabakumba. Minister in presidency office during 6 years Umoja celebrations

7. Success story

In picture are two twins girls Enid Nyakato and Flavor Nyangoma whom mother died soon after delivery and were left the elderly grand and aunt Jane who also HIV/AIDs positive and has husband died four years ago and left her with 13 ten other children from different deceased mothers. Next with them Nelson Nuwe agaba 11 years studying at Duhaga boys primary school, he has a bad right eye. Enid and Flavour were brought to Umoja when they were one old malnutruted with body wounds.Umoja has provided care since then and the two are in pre-Nursery school in Duhanga with assistance from Ian and Barbara Family.are happy are enjoy being at items from feed the children is provided to whole family. Pray for them.
Nelson,Enid, and Flovor below receiving food from umoja offices in Hoima

8. Collaborations

  • Umoja and Progressive primary school leadership made agreement through chief magistrate court to work together with equal powers.
  • Feed the children Uganda agreed to work together and network in various activities.
  • International partners to share information and resources
  • Christian world reformed committee Canada (Kampala office) agreed to send two groups of Volunteers from Redeemer college at different occasions, more discussions are still on.
  • Marafiki ministries Kenya and USA through Dr. John Mungai agreed to work together as partners.
  • More discussions are still on with Umoja international for partnerships and networking.

9. Way forward

  • construct a water tank for children at progressive primary school
  • Completion of health centre at Umoja land in Masindi
  • to protect one community spring at Nsozi Biirazi
  • Purchase of Property at Buhiimba to host orphans and needy children.
  • Purchase of a van to help co-ordinate Umoja activities and take children and women to near dispensaries in town
  • To assist at least 30 children at secondary level and artisan Centre
  • To complete and build three classrooms at progressive primary school for examination centre to primary seven pupils.
  • To form 80 and strengthen 8 existing women self-help groups to form a cluster and federation as a peoples institution managed by women
  • To look for volunteer to stay with Umoja for 3 years to develop technical support.
  • To environment advocacy, and management at all levels
  • To work with other partners and advocate for love, peace, and unity in families, country.
  • To empower women and children to develop a culture of saving for credit and valve for money.
  • To promote Amaranth growing and consumption for good health of children and adults.
  • To equip Umoja library with chairs and book shaves for public and youth trainings
  • To develop an orphanages network in next two years
  • Thanks for reading this overview, and please pray with us

Rev. Mike Kaahwa Ateenyi

-Country team leader-


Nelson, Floviour. Enid after receiving relief from Umoja offices in Hoima. Nelsons father died four years ago and were all left 14 children with Jane a widow. She openly says has HIV and Aids. Umoja has for the last four been providing food, clothes, and other basic needs to Jane and her orphan. Jane works with as records clerk to Bunyoro Kitara diocese Mothers union.