HBM e.V. - Child-, Adolescent-Sponsorhip

Offer a sustainable future worth living!

  • Help should not be anonymous. It should allow for a personal relationship between the helper (foster parent) and the foster child. Foster parent and foster child should get to know and respond to one another. The foster child should feel that it is the priority of his / her foster parent that he/she develops him- / herself, and that it is a necessity for the foster parent to know how the help is being given.
  • Every year, starting with the year in which the sponsorship has started, the foster parent will receive at least one letter from the foster child, in which the child describes its current situation. This way you receive an insight in the concrete living situation and will be in the position to be able to imagine the development of the child, its potential and wishes.
  • With a membership you do not enter a legal obligation.
  • You will irregularly receive information about the development of the school, the children, the facilities, the integration of the school in the local community, etc…
  • All the children that we place are orphans, half orphans or impoverished school children in the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara (Rep. Uganda). Most of the children are of a school age, some of a pre-school age.

Our partner in the Bunyoro - Kitara Kingdom:

Umoja orphanages Uganda