Organisation of the Order

Sovereign Head

  • His Majesty the King, His Heirs and Successors was and continues to be the Sovereign Head of the Order.
  • The Sovereign Head shall make such appointments to and within the Order as He in His absolute discretion shall think fit.

Grand Prior Spiritual - Ecclesiastical - Spiritual Protection

  • His Eminence, The Most Reverend Archbishop of Ungada, Henry Luke Orombi

There shall be a Chancellor of the Order who shall be appointed by the Sovereign Head who shall hold office during the pleasure of the Sovereign Head or until resignation. The Sovereign Head may serve as the Chancellor if desired.

Great Officers

  • The Chancellor and those holding the three offices hereinafter mentioned shall be the Great Officers of the Order, that is to say:
  • The Deputy Chancellor who shall be the Lieutenant and Deputy of the Chancellor. If the Chancellor is unable to perform the functions of his office by reason of absence or ill-health, a Deputy Chancellor shall act as Chancellor.
  • The Secretary who shall have special interest in recording the decisions and actions of the Order for both current and historical purposes.
  • The Treasurer who shall have special interest in maintaining the finances and record-keeping of the Order as well as adherence to all other financial and disclosure regulation necessary to maintain the Order.