GOODWILL PROGRAMS - Goodwill Consuls

  • The Goodwill Consuls titles are real and unique titles, because the King is a constitutionally guaranteed King of the Republic of Uganda; Chapter 16 / § 246 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.
  • Goodwill Consuls have no internal functions but they are Consuls for the reputation of the Kingdom.
  • Goodwill Consuls will be only persons who have no criminal record and who are on the legitimate ground of each country.
  • Goodwill Consuls have sent his CV including a current passport photo via e-mail to the administration.
  • The transmitted documents are checked.
  • Goodwill Consuls are published into the internationally specialist press and the newspaper in the Kingdom Bunyoro-Kitara.
  • The appointment as a Goodwill Consuls of the Kingdom Bunyoro-Kitara is associated with a donation and processing fee to the ARKBK CLBG. This donation is directly paid to the account of ARKBK CLBG -Rep. Uganda- and is used for development projects to 100% in the Kingdom Bunyoro-Kitara.

Goodwill Consul-Package:

  • Sealed, stamped and registered certificate.
  • Reproduced picture of the King.
  • Use of the Goodwill Consul-Emblem on the own stationary and the business cards and so on.
  • Use the Goodwill Consul title on the on stationary and the business cards and so on.
  • Information about the Kingdom.
  • Information about the possible cooperation in the ARKBK CLBG.
  • Emblem of the Goodwill Consuls via e-mail.
  • Updated information via e-mail, at variable intervals.

There are different ranks:

  • Goodwill Consul - General
  • Goodwill Vice Consul - General
  • Goodwill Consul
  • Goodwill Vice - Consul
  • Goodwill Consular Agent

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